New Nisa PVA Bag-Up Feeda Leads

Have you ever cast out and wondered if all your feed has come off and you are sitting there with an empty Method feeder?

Almost certainly at some stage that niggling thought has crossed the mind of every angler but the problem is about to be removed forever.

Nick Larkin, the man behind Nisa Feeders, has come up with an ingenious and innovative new method that has the potential to change the face of feeder fishing forever.

The devastatingly simple device combines the use of a PVA mesh bag with an in-line Method feeder-type flat feeder and provides perfect bait presentation, changeable feed levels, plus pin-point accuracy with improved distances.

Angling Times' tackle tester,. Mark Sawyer, took a sample to the bankside to show exactly how effective and easy it is to use.

To watch the video click the image below.