New Drennan IM9 Classic float rod

Drennan has released a brand new pair of float rods - both designed as two-section rods with a short screw-in handle extension.

This unique and innovative design reduces the amount of joints in the actual rod blank by half. Everyday 13ft float rods have two joints and three sections, but these fine float rods have only the one joint between its two longer sections.

This feature ensures the blank has a much sweeter, progressive curve providing a more natural bend throughout the rod - and not a sign of a flat spot either.

The design creates two equal-length sections and an 18-inch handle that all sits comfortably within the bag supplied.

And as the two main sections of the rod are equal length, this float rod can be transported ready made-up and wrapped securely with the two neoprene sleeves that are supplied. All you need to do is unhook the rig, put the joint together, screw-in the base of the cork handle and bait your hook.

In the video below, Angling Times chief tackle tester Mark Sawyer takes the new IM9 Classic to the banks to put it through its paces...