New 'The Pole Tip'

A radical new polefishing invention is proving responsible for a string of big silver fish catches to over 100lb for its creator and a band of anglers who are 'in' on the gadget.

The contraption involves and elasticated rod tip attached to the tip of the pole, which is designed for fishing up-in-the-water, and it has been used to devastating effect by inventor John Davey and his club mates at a number of venues around Yorkshire.

At Pine Lakes in Thorne, anglers with 'The Pole Tip', including John and son-in-law Mike English, filled the top three places in a recent match with bags to 48lb of ide, the same venue where they have amassed nets to 72lb in past events and over a ton when pleasure fishing.

And it was here that Angling Times caught up with the duo to witness the device in action.

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