Monster pike - biggest ever on film

Fifty years in search of a monster pike and when you finally set the hook in your 'dream' the giant slips the treble. Enough to break a man? Not Angling Times' columnist Terry Knight, who went back the following day and hit the jackpot with a 43lb 13oz specimen pike!

Angling Times were there every step of the way to capture the agony and ecstasy of the adventure on film...

Terry was tackling Wykeham Lakes, near Scarborough, a venue that several weeks ago produced a 45lb 14oz pike to local big-fish expert Wyndon Coole.

At a mere 15oz short of breaking the British record, this pike was just one meal, or a belly full of spawn away from smashing the record weight for the species.

The whole incredible story, from start to finish, was captured on film, available below to watch.

To watch it, click the image below.