Maver Match This 2011 competition

The brand new Maver Match This fishing competition is one of a kind. It's a chance in a lifetime opportunity to win £100,000 tax-free cash by winning the final which takes place at Larford Lakes on Saturday 20th August 2011.

This simple-to-enter fishing competition has been organised and funded by Maver's Phil Briscoe - the brains behind this incredible event.

And here, in this exclusive video, Phil wets a line at Larford Lakes and explains clearly how you could enter this most prestigious fishing match.

All details regarding qualifying, entry fees, the pre-match ball, how the prize funding works and what spectators can expect to see on the day of the final are all covered in great detail.

Phil, who owns the famous Larford Lakes complex, also provides an insight into how the lake ought to be fished too.

Entry details can be found in the match fishing section of the Angling Times. Alternatively click HERE to enter online, or telephone Maver Match This hotline direct on 01527 406300.

To watch this exclusive video, click the play button on the image below.

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