Martin Bowler releases new fishing film - A Fish for all Seasons

Martin Bowler - top all-round angler and star of Catching the Impossible - has released a brand new fishing film entitled A Fish for all Seasons.

This brand new film, all two hours and 45 minutes of it, was filmed on location at various great lakes and rivers around Britain by Mick Jackson over the course of two years.

It's not an instructional film. It won't help you catch more, or catch bigger fish either. What this epic film is is an insight into what it's like to test your wits against huge carp, barbel, chub, tench, crucians, pike and roach throughout the ever-changing British seasons.

Below you can see a brief promotional snippet of Martin Bowler's latest film - just click the play arrow to get the film started.

A book to accompany the double DVD film set is also available. This can be bought in a package with the double DVD for £49.99.

Both the book and the film will be on sale from November. If you would like to pre-order visit