Mark Sawyer tests the new Daiwa Airity pole

This week Mark Sawyer has had a chance to test one of the greatest poles ever created - the new Daiwa Airity.

It's a phenomenal fishing pole, offering everything an angler ever needs, including a huge array of top kits, perfect balance, extreme rigidity and minimal weight.

The Daiwa Airity is a true all-rounder, equally at home on rivers and canals as it is on commercial carp waters, so here Mark took the pole to the river to try to hit lighning fast bites from roach.


Length: 16m
Full package price: RRP £4,999, SSP £2,999
Pole only price: 16m RRP £3,999, SSP £2,500 includes PHEX extension
Weight: 1390g at 16m
Recommended elastics: 16/20

See how he got on and hear his verdict on the pole by watching the video below...