How to use the Claw rig

Big-carp fanatic Rich Wilby is a bit of an expert when it comes to tying, mastering and fishing carp rigs. He's caught masses of huge carp all over the country, including on his own day-ticket complex, Airfield Lakes.

Wanting to know more about the most popular carp fishing rigs, we met up with Rich at his lovely fishery to pick his brains.

In this video he details the Claw Rig - one of Rich's favourite and most reliable rigs for using on any new venue.

It's a very aggressive rig, in terms of the hook flipping over and hitting home - so if you want to almost guarantee that the fish that's taken your bait is landed, this might well be the rig to use!

As you will see after watching the video below, this rig is best fished with a semi-bouyant bait, presented just off the bottom.

To watch the video, click the image below.