How to use the Chod Rig

Big-carp fanatic Rich Wilby is a bit of an expert when it comes to tying, mastering and fishing carp rigs. He's caught masses of huge carp all over the country, including on his own day-ticket complex, Airfield Lakes.

Wanting to know more about the most popular carp fishing rigs, we met up with Rich at his lovely fishery to pick his brains.

In this video he details the now-famous Chod Rig... the one that's perfect for big-carp fishing over silt, debris and weedy bottoms.

This very short rig relies on the use of a very buoyant pop-up bait to ensure it always remains in full view of the fish, above the obstructions on the bottom.

And here Rich reveals a few unknown facts about the Chod Rig that you might not know...

To watch the video, click the image below.