How to use a groundbait feeder


Become a much better groundbait feeder angler with our superb video guide to using the right groundbait and fishing with open-end and cage feeders.

In this video - part four in a very extensive groundbait video series - we talk through a stack of tips to help you catch more when fishing with groundbait via a feeder.

Find out how best to incorporate loosefeed into your feeder groundbait, and make sure you don't make the same mistakes as he did in the past!

You'll also find out how to become more accurate, and how to ensure that your groundbait remains as close as possible to your hook bait whenever it's in the water.

This is an unmissable series covering everything you will ever need to know about groundbait and fishing with groundbait.

To watch this video covering groundbait feeder fishing, click on the image below.