How to tie and fish deep water with a slider float

Floatfishing is far more interesting than feeder fishing because you're watching a float in the water as opposed to the tip of your rod.

But when you're faced with a very deep venue, often the only option is to use a feeder rig, but not if you know how to create and fish with a slider float rig.

The Improve Your Coarse Fishing team met up with Iain Swanson aboard a boat on Llangorse - a vast lake in south Wales, to find out how he float fishes this deep water for the venue's multitude of roach, bream and hybrids.

Iain goes into great detail about the rig, showing how it's created, the right floats to use and how to ensure the bait is pushed to the bottom with enough force to ensure the rig works correctly.

To watch the video, click on the image below.