How to pole fish dapping style for carp off the top

Anglers such as Graham Eden have been taking commercial carp fisheries apart recently by dapping bread and dog biscuits on the surface, with waters such as Lincolnshire's Willow Lakes having their match records broken with huge weights.

An ultra-simple approach, using just 2ft of line, a big hook and a piece of crust, has proved deadly at the Foston, Lincolnshire venue, where the carp just cannot resist a bait dangled on the top.

But if you thought Willow Lakes was just another bagging water, think again. Its feature-filled lakes have not been stocked with 'proper' carp since 2003 and the existing fis, says local ace Graham, are among the cleverest in the country.

To see how Graham fishes this devastating technique, click the play button on the image below.