How to pole fish at varying depths for huge carp and bream weights

Steve Barraclough has been in unstoppable form at Hallcroft fishery, winning the last seven matches he has fished with catches to a venue record-nudging 249lb 14oz.

The Frenzee and Bait-Tech-sponsored matchman relies on luncheon meat to catch big carp, banking two 20lb-plus fish in consecutive events on Bridge Pool, and often topping his keepnets up with 50lb to 60lb of skimmer bream.

Several different pole rigs set at varying depths allow Steve to cover every inch of the water, catchign fish from inches deep, down to the deck while loosefeeding meat on his pole line. He says that Hallcroft fish are old, wise and notoriously finicky, and a careful technique is needed to fool them.

We met up with Steve on the banks of Hallcroft to see how he fishes his pole rigs at varying depths, and catch such massive weights.

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