How to pole fish at 20m

Jamie Masson has been winning matches at Nottinghamshire's Little John Lakes by fishing poles up to 20m long!

After an initial run of fish captured at 'normal' pole fishign lengths of 14.5m and 16m, rather than follow the fish out with a waggler or a feeder set-up, Jamie has been reaching for his additional parallel pole sections and chasing the fish as they slowly make their way towards the sanctuary of isalnd margins.

He adopts a simple pellet approach, either fishing hard on the bottom or up-in-the-water, and this technique has already given him a series of match wins since the start of 2011.

In this video, below, you can see Jamie in action. He also explains why he tends to follow the fish out by adding extra pole sections rather than opt to use a waggler or a feeder.

To watch the video, click on the play button below. If the video doesn't load automatically, press Ctrl and F5 to refresh the page.