How to mix a carp Method feeder mix

Method feeder fishing groundbaits tend to attract the average stamp of carp in any commercial stillwater. Why? Simply because the carp tend to have seen them all before, smelt them all before, and have tasted them all before.

So, in order to attract and catch the much bigger carp that might be swimming around the lake, something extra special has to be created that will draw the attentions of the bigger fish.

And that's exactly what Grant Albutt has created - a simply brilliant Method mix that is created from The Cell boilies and boilie-making ingredients.

It's certainly not a cheap Method mix to create, but having seen this in action, it is like a magnet to all the bigger fish in the water.

It is, quite frankly, devastating!

To watch the video on how to create this extraordinary Method mix, click the image below.

If the video fails to load automatically, press Ctrl and F5.