How to fish the waggler in winter

Watch Will Raison as he shows how to fish a waggler in winter.

In this helpful video ex-World Champion Will Raison shows you how to set up a waggler rig for tackling a mixed special commercial carp fishery in winter.

Scaling down is key to keeping the bites coming when it's cold, and here Will clearly shows what he does to his normal waggler set-up to ensure that the fish keep biting.

You'll see the changes he makes to the rod he uses, plus the hook pattern, the hooklength diameter, the shotting pattern and the float.

His technique allows the angler to fish a single swim using one rig to catch all manner of different species, from small roah that might be feeding in mid-water, through to bigger bream and carp that will be patrolling the bottom.

The video will play by clicking the image below.

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