How to fish safely with leadcore and in-line leads

Improve Your Coarse Fishing Features Editor Mark Parker joins river ace’s Lewis Baldwin and Paul Martin for a barbelling session on the Famous Hampshire Royalty Fishery.

As well as catching some great fish for the IYCF cameras, the boys also had a couple of nice tips to show.

In this first part, 30-Plus angler and Royalty-regular, Paul Martin demonstrates a neat little trick involving lead core and in-line leads to form the ULTIMATE safety rig, for both rivers and stillwaters.

Lead core is excellent in keeping the rig hard on the deck and away from the fish’s fins, but if the mainline should break, it can tether fish as they end up dragging three to six foot of lead core.

Paul’s tip allows you to fish with an in-line lead, but should a breakage occur, both the lead and lead core will all peel free of the rig, leaving the fish towing only the six-inch hooklink. 

An excellent tip for making safety rigs regardless of where or what to fish for.