How to fish for skimmers on the Stainforth and Keadby canal

At this time of the year match anglers often resort to fishing poles and arming themselves with bloodworm and joker when tackling matches on canals.

This tactic and bait apporach often brings a huge amount of fish to the net, but the problem is they are often very small roach.

And, as everyone knows, the bigger the fish you catch, the more chance you have of winning the match.

So when Maver-backed Lee Harrison decided not to play other more experienced bloodworm and joker anglers at their own game and formulate his own plan he was pleasantly surprised when his last three canal matches have provided him with wins.

He has taken a big-bait approach, feeding chopped worms, casters and red maggot on this popular canal, beating off soem very stiff competition, including some world class international anglers too.

Here, in the video below, Lee explains his rigs and the baiting tactic he's used recently to amass his three great match wins.

To watch the video, click the play button below. If the video doesn't load automatically press Ctrl and F5.