How to fish a packed pellet method feeder for carp

Commercial carp fishery ace Andy Findlay has been in red hot form recently, winning eight matches in the past six weeks thanks to a new trick which sees him create super-high Method feeder 'towers' absolutely packed with bait.

This has been responsible for three match wins in a row at Higham Fishery in Leicester, two winning bags to 169lb at Makins Fishery, plus two victories at Coventry's Packington Somers and one at Hawksbury, Bedworth.

Using the new Stiki Pellet powder from Sonubaits, Andy has rewritten the ways of using a Method mould by producing a massive, tall ball of pellets, designed to get fish feeding confidently before the hookbait appears in the midst of it all.

We met up with Andy on the banks to find out exactly how he makes his huge Method 'tower' with the sticky powder in this new and exclusive video.

To watch the video click on the image below.

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