How to feeder fish for bream

Jan Porter knows a thing or two about bream fishing on the feeder, having been at the very forefront of feeder angling techniques on both river and stillwaters, many moons ago.

In this great explanatory video we met Jan on a hot, calm day on the banks of Snitterfield Reservoir to film exactly how he goes about catching these match-winning species.

Jan covers the baits he prefers to use for bream of all sizes, casting techniques, the type of rod that's best and the reels he prefers to use to gain extra yards on his cast, and also help him be prepared if a larger fish were to take his bait.

Two different types of rigs are detailed too - the simple but deadly Paternoster and the Method feeder, for catching the bigger bream.

In his usual relaxed style, Jan explains almost everything you will need to know to approach any stillwater armed with groundbait, feeder and quivertip rod.

To watch this exclusive video, click on the image below.