How to feed groundbait


One way to attract masses of carp, bream, tench and roach when fishing is to ball it in and feed with many balls of groundbait. This term is commonly known as 'balling in'.

Getting it right is absolutely imperative because once you've thrown that groundbait and feed in, you can't take it out again!

Here - in part three of Gofishing's exclusive video series - Iain Toombs explains why you should ball in at the start of a fishing session and exactly how to do it correctly.

There's tips on throwing the balls of groundbait, accuracy, how tightly packed you should feed, when to feed, how to add your loosefeed and, above all, how to make sure you catch loads more fish after 'balling in' your groundbait.

This video is part three of a multi-series set of videos explaining all there is to know about groundbait.