How to feed for barbel on clear rivers

Improve Your Coarse Fishing Features Editor Mark Parker joins river ace’s Lewis Baldwin and Paul Martin for a barbelling session on the famous Hampshire Royalty Fishery.

As well as catching some great fish for the IYCF cameras, the boys also had a couple of nice tips to show.

In this second part of the session video, Peg One angler; Lewis Baldwin explains his theory of baiting for barbel on a busy, gin-clear, day-ticket water.

Like many barbel rivers, The Royalty barbel see 100’s of tons of pellets every year. With this in mind, Lewis chose to fish more traditionally with hemp and casters, a combination of baits that these fish rarely see.

The main problem is how to feed them accurately I on to the sweet gravel runs in the centre of the river.

A skill Lewis ably shows before revealing the fruit of his Royalty fishing labours…