How to catch using bread discs

To catch a decent run of commercial carp through the colder winter and spring months requires a little extra thought.

It's no good using the same bait and techniques as you'd normally use at other times of the year - you need to be cunning with the hookbait you use, and feed very little, if anything at all.

One angler who knows just how to get the most from any commercial carp water in the cold is Andy Buckley, who recently bagged an astonishing 165lb of carp using just two slices of white bread.

He relies on the colour of the bread to attract the fish to the bait, and also relies on the versatility of the bread to ensure that his bait is either presented flat on the bottom, or wafting just off the bottom.

Here, in this exclusive video, we caught up with Andy on the banks of Quarry Pool in Bridgnorth to see exactly how it's done.

To play the video, click the image below...