How to catch stillwater roach in winter

Staffordshire match ace Pete Goodman isn't like most anglers. Most anglers aim to catch fish on the bottom when water temperatures are lower than a snake's belly, but not Bag 'Em Matchbaits-sponsored Pete.

He's re-written the rule book and thanks to a little simple yet logical thinking he can now confidently tackle any roach stillwater knowing that he will catch a lot more roach than ever.

And his simple new tactic? It's not about fishing a wonder bait. It's not about using a new breed of line. And it's not about utilising a fantastic new additive... All he's doing is presenting his bait differently to the norm.

In this short video Pete explains his thinking and rigs that have enabled him to catch far more stillwater roach than ever before...

Click on the image below to watch the video.