How to catch river bream on the pole feeder

The lower reaches of the River Wensum may well be known for its great barbel and chub fishing, but for five months of the year the upper reaches running right through Norwich offer some of the finest fishing the country has to offer.

And what's more - it's completely free!

During the winter months bream and roach move in in huge numbers, providing phenomenal sport for match and pleasure anglers alike.

Winning match weights along the free stretch very rarely dip below the 20lb mark, and have even been known to reach 40lb. In fact, during a six-match spell around Christmas saw the average weight per man being 15lb.

One angler who knows just how to get the most from this stretch of free river fishing is Pete Swan. He's fished this tidal stretch of river for many years and knows it like the back of his hand.

Angling Times met him on the banks of the Coal Yard stretch following a huge influx of rainwater to see how he tackles the venue for its good head of bream.

Rather than the usual approach of balling in groundbait and holding back an overdepth pole rig he opted to use a genius set up  which allows him to pole-fish a feeder.

Click the image below to find out how Pete fishes this devastating technique...