How to catch massive carp on the pole from margin swims

One man has dominated a popular West Midlands fishery - winning around 30 matches per year and scoring over 320 points in the current Angling Times County Championship - by pole fishing for carp ultra tight to the margins, in only inches of water.

The name Mal Watson is synonymous with Moorlands Farm, where the Daiwa Gordon League angler has amassed a constant string of frame places and weights to 187lb in recent weeks, fishing just inches from the concrete structures, or tight into the bank itself.

Venue expert Mal is the fishery manager, and since starting the job in 2004 he has cottoned on to a method of fishing close in that often sees up to 25 big fish netted in the latter stages of a match.

To see just how Mal pole fishes tight to the margins of his favourite commercial carp water, watch the video below.

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