How to catch huge hauls of silvers while the carp are spawning

Mixed weather conditions are currently affecting the spawning process of carp on commercials so match anglers are turning to silverfish to make up weights, with some bumper catches like this staggering 100lb net the result.

It was taken at Priory Lakes at Ruskington in Lincolnshire, where anglers such as Shaun Moss have been shunning the conventional pellet and paste approaches, and are targeting roach and rudd with a couple of pints of maggots instead.

This has seen 80lb nets banked in a matter of hours on lake 1, a water which is more noted for match results which regularly feature 150-200lb of carp.

Here Shaun Moss meets up with Angling Times' Ben Fisk to show exactly how he goes about fishing at speed for the silvers.

To watch the video click the image below.