How to catch big margin carp

Mega-weight match angler Steve Gregory has developed a new pellet crumb feed and sieve pot system which 'swishes' in the water to create the ultimate carp-attracting cloud.

The deadly new combination recently helped him to victory in the Solhampton Fishery May Festival for the second year running, where he banked 632lb of carp in a week, averaging 126lb of fish per day.

MAP-backed Steve uses his famous Miracle Paste on the hook - a bait which once helped him to break the British match record three times - enjoying some frantic sport down the margins feeding his new 'slop'.

The Valley Lake at Solhampton, a five-lake complex near Stourport in Worcestershire, is Steve's favourite water for this method, and provided him with a winning 173lb 10oz in the festival. It was here were he was eager to show the virtues of fishing this new technique and bait.

To see Steve and the method in action, click the play button on the video below.