How to catch at Rockells Farm

Rockells Farm is being billed as the UK's most prolific commercial fishery, after posting the heaviest match weight of the year so far - a whopping 238lb to Tony Wynnick.

In an action packed session Tony caught a fish a chuck up-in-the-water and had to feed masses of bait - a tactic more akin to fishing in summer that a cold, wet and damp February.

The potrential of the Saffrom Walden, Essex, lake was underlined in 2008 when Gary Huth reportedly banked 661lb of carp to 20lb on a short pole and paste.

Rockells sounds like it's carp soup, but what is it like to fish?

The Angling Times met up with Tony Wynnick on the banks of this fabulous water to find out exactly that.

To watch the video of Tony in action, click the play button on the image below. If the video doesn't automatically load press Ctrl and F5.