How to catch at Heyford Fisheries

Once written off as dead, Heyford Fisheries in Northamptonshire has produced one of the biggest weights of the winter.

Two years ago Heford was closed and lying in ruins with most of its stock gone and its banks overgrown and unfishable.

But thanks to the efforts of Ian and Fiona Wills - the couple who rescued the match venue and undertook a restoration project - great weights are now returning.

One such angler to maximise on the water's reborn potential is Dan Jones. He recently took 45 carp to 6lb from peg 13 for a 200lb-plus total when most venues struggled to produce in the cold conditions.

Here, in the video below, Dan explains the techniques and rig he used to catch the best commercial carp match-winning weight of this season.

Click on the play button below to watch the video.