How to catch at Angel of the North fishery

A group of anglers believe a swim at one of the nation's most popular commercial complexes is currently the best in the country after four match wins in a row.

The peg in question is peg one on Lookout Lake, part of the phenomenal Angel of the North complex in County Durham.

This peg has been in blistering form recently with huge hauls of both carp and skimmer bream falling on a daily basis.

Every area on this water is capable of producing 20lb-plus weights, but this fantastic peg is in a world of its own with 100lb bags more the normal weight from it.

In fact, in recent matches it has produced five times more that the second place weight.

So when the Angling Times found out about this peg's potential we took to the road to find out more and met up with venue regular Graham Skirrey to see how he tackles this noted peg.