How fishing a Method feeder on the shallow pole line can catch big carp nets

A short chuck of the Method feeder has proved to be the key ingredient for one match anglerwho has been taking apart Coleman's Cottage Fishery, in Essex, by fishign the tactic short on his pole line.

Tony Curd, who qualified for this year's Fish O Mania final using the tactic, has shunned float rigs, instead lobbing his inline feeder to distances of around 13m to 16m to take bags of up to 261lb, often getting his rod tip pulled round in seconds as he catches 60 to 90 carp in each match.

The Guru and Bait-Tech-sponsored angler has such confidence in the Method that he only sets this rod up, even though he could easily reach his bagging zone with a pole.

Anging Times paid him a visit to find out why and how he fishes this devastating technique so short.

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