How casting your Method feeder every 60 seconds can win with carp

Casting every 60 seconds is the secret to winning with carp every week. That's the verdict of an up-and-coming match ace who has taken victory in eight events on the trot and smashed two venue records in the process.

By making hundreds of casts during each five hour competition, Bay Malton AC ace Alex Hulme has made himself unbeatable at the club-controlled Border Fisheries, smashing through the ton barrier in virtually every event - two of which have seen him take his place in the record books after amassing weights of 172lb and 204lb.

A simple Method feeder rig has been the killer tactic, but Alex is convinced a proactive and accurate approach has been the difference between beign a weekly champion and an also-ran.

We met up with Alex on the banks of Border Fisheries to find out exactly how he fishes in this way.

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