Interview with Drennan Cup Winner Iain McDonald

We sat down with Drennan Cup Winner Iain McDonald last week and talked about some of his superb catches from the season

How to fish the method feeder with Nick Speed

In this video Shimano's Nick Speed shows you how to fish on the method feeder. 

Steve Ringer’s Skills School – PVA bag secrets for carp


Want to know how to get the best out of PVA bags for carp? Look no further!

In this exclusive Angling Times video World Champion Steve Ringer reveals the secrets you need for bigger catches as he takes us through a bagging session at Boddington Reservoir.

You’ll learn all about his simple rig which will help you land more fish, his tackle set-up for longer, accurate casts, and how to make the perfect PVA bag mix.

There are also a few extra tricks that will get you bites in even the toughest conditions.

PLUS You can read Steve's exclusive weekly column every Tuesday - only in Angling Times.

We join Danny Fairbrass on the banks of his new Cawcutts fishery

Catching doubles on a freezing February day might not seem like the pinnacle of Danny Fairbrass' career.

But these fish represent something special for the Korda boss, who was filled with pride on the banks of Cawcutts in Cambridgeshire as an afternoon feeding spell brought six quick bites.

We joined him on the bank - watch the video below and read the full, exclusive feature in the February 23rd issue of Angling Times.


Steve Ringer's Skills School - Carp on the bomb

Angling Times joins World Champion Steve Ringer as he shows us how to bag up on the bomb and pellet. In this exclusive video, Steve takes us to the famous Barston Lakes where he reveals his tricks and tips for catching carp and F1s including his deadly rig, bait advice, and the edges he uses to win matches in the cold.


Fox International: The Challenge Episode 7 Harry's Revenge

In the latest installment of The Challenge, Mark Pitchers is tasked with tackling 'Harry's Revenge'. In this challenge, film maker Harry gets to takeaway 10 items of Mark's tackle to hinder him for catching his target 20lb+ carp - the venue is Cottington Lakes in Kent, and Mark has 24-hours to complete it!

Scroll down to view the video...