Abu Garcia Victis 30g lure rod review

A lure rod designed for bank and boat fishing needs to tick all the boxes in terms of stiffness and sensitivity and we think we’ve found the ideal tool in the Abu Garcia Victis 30g option. 

On first inspection this 6ft 6ins rod looks fairly pokey, with a fast action, but put it through its paces and a gentle giant is revealed, with a fish-playing action more in keeping with a rod three times its asking price. 

Angling Times staffmen Ian Jones, Chris Haydon, Freddie Sandford and Sam Curtis regularly get out and fish a local waterway in their lunch hour for pike, zander and perch – the perfect opportunity to review the 30g Abu Garcia Victis rod. 

How did they rate it? Here’s what the lads had to say...

News reporter - Chris Haydon

“This Abu Garcia rod is perfect for targeting pike and zander on larger jig heads of 10g-plus. 

“Its stiffness makes it useful for punchy casts, and when it’s loaded correctly great distances can be achieved. While it’s probably not the best rod on
the market for perching with micro-lures, it doubles up as a good tool for vertical jigging.  

“During testing I caught a cracking perch of 2lb on a 5g jig head, along with a small pike.

“Both bites were easily detected through the rod, which landed the fish with ease.”

News reporter  - Freddie Sandford

“Despite its 30g rating, the 6ft 6ins Victis can still be used for fishing with smaller jig heads and spinners.

“On a recent session we arrived at a local water to find pike smashing fry tight into the margins, and the short rod enabled pinpoint casting into small gaps in the reeds.

“The rod was tested with pike to around 5lb, and there was still enough give in the rod’s somewhat stiff action to cushion the lunges and sudden runs of these fish.

“Although the rod wasn’t designed for this sort of fishing, my results highlight its versatility.”

Web producer  - Sam Curtis

“Abu Garcia’s Victis rod is a convenient size for any angler who wants to travel light – and given our limited time on the bank it was the perfect accompaniment to our lunchtime session. 

“The Victis was a real joy to cast – with a 30g rating it could chuck 5g-10g lures with ease. A stiff yet responsive tip made playing pike a pleasure.

“For me the rod was probably a bit too heavy for the fish we were targeting on the day, and I would probably prefer one of Abu’s lighter-rated models.”

News editor Ian Jones

“As we only have an hour over lunch to fish we need to get to the bank fast, and at just 6ft 6ins long the Victis slides into the back of the car with ease. 

“I was surprised at its sensitivity, considering its 30g rating. There are lots of perch in the water we fish and you do hook a few on lures meant for pike or zander – but none of the satisfaction and enjoyment of the fight was lost with these smaller fish. 

“I was particularly impressed with its fast action, which is vital when fishing for zander in deep water. You need to keep in touch with your lure at all times, and this rod let me do just that. 

“We fished from the bank on the day but I’d love to test this rod properly on a deep reservoir which is where I think it’ll show its true potential. 

“The dual-screw reel seat is a unique feature that I’m yet to find on any other rod.”

Ian in action.jpg