Rage Prism 5-21g 210cm Dropshot Rod Review

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Fancy keeping fit and healthy while you fish? Then have a wander round your local canal, lake or river with a light lure outfit – it’s better than the gym and a good deal less sweaty. 

Pack rod, reel, landing net and a few lures and you’re ready to go. If you’re an urban angler it’s a given that there’ll be some free fishing close to your doorstep.

Listen up, then, while I tell of a recent drop shotting session I had while running the rule over a rod, reel and lure combo from Fox Rage’s latest Prism range. Lincoln seemed the ideal destination, riddled as it is with small waterways including the upper River Witham, the Fossdyke Canal and Brayford Pool. 

All hold huge shoals of small silver fish, not surprisingly preyed upon by pike and perch. 

The day got off to a very slow start on the normally pike-prolific Brayford Pool, which lends itself well to a jigging approach. Even the latest Rage Fish Snax Dropshot Fry lures, with their colourful multi-fibre tails and a provocative ‘eat me’ wiggle, failed to bring a take as I worked them across this large expanse of water. 

On, then, to the Fossdyke Canal, usually nailed on for a few ‘wasp’ perch at least. By now I’d changed to a drop shot set-up, using a small-bodied Rage Fly multi-fibre tail lure that can be made to dance and jiggle in a most enticing manner. I twitched this for a good hour, but the perch had clearly done one. 

Then, right before my very eyes, surfaced the reason for this fish famine – a fully grown dog otter with a head the size of a cocker spaniel and jaws to rival those of a shark. He and his missus, completely unfazed by the hordes of onlookers, worked their way back down the Fossdyke and into Brayford pool, feasting on hapless perch as they went. 

I don’t blame the otters – they are only doing what comes naturally. Problem is, the fish are Lincolnshire born and bred, but these otters are not!

Despite the lack of fish during the live test, I can happily report that the pencil-thin, 210cm 5-21g two-sectioned Rage Prism Dropshot Rod is light in the hand, with plenty of ‘feel’, and will whip out the lightest of lures without a problem. The classy understated white whipping on the two top guides impressed me no end, although you normally feel the pluck of a bite (especially when using braid) well before you see the tip move. 

The tip section has just the right blend of stiffness and cushioning to drive a small hook home, neither too pokey nor too flimsy – many other modern drop shot rods can’t do this but still seem to satisfy the tackle tarts who think slimmest is always best.

Price: £79.99     

The Verdict

Exceptionally light and comfortable in the hand, the 210cm (6ft 10ins) Rage Prism makes an ideal small-water roving rod. There are also 240cm 5-21g and 270cm 7-28g versions. 

The one on test had a fast, crisp casting action yet retained plenty of sensitivity where it was needed. The high modulus carbon blank has a softly parabolic fish-playing curvature, perfect for smaller perch and zander, although there’s enough mid-section backbone to cope with the odd larger fish too.