fox rage prism pike rod review

If you’re after a simple yet effective lure set-up for big pike this Christmas, Fox Rage certainly has the tools for the job. 

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Catching double-figure fish requires a rod with plenty of grunt – not only to handle the powerful runs of each specimen hooked but also to cope with the regular casting of baits of 30g or more. 

So you’ll be happy to learn that Rage’s latest Prism Pike Spin outfit ticks both these boxes with ease. 

At 7ft 10ins long and rated to chuck lures in the 30g-100g range,  it’s compact enough to fold down and fit into the boot of a car – but when it comes to the fishing you won’t be let down during the fight or while frequently casting your lure. And speaking of lures, the Fox Rage’s Loaded Natural Classics 2 patterns are the perfect accompaniment to this rod. 

These paddle-tailed beauties have a superb swimming action combined with a realistic finish – and considering they come in weights of 15g and 20g, they’re a fine fit for the Prism Pike Spin. 

When I was tasked with testing the two components together I couldn’t wait to see the outcome.

Lure tackle of this calibre is generally suited to gravel pit or reservoir fishing, but a lot of big pike inhabit our river systems – including the Soar in Leicestershire, home to twenties. 

On the stretch I fished there are canal boats moored on the far bank and beds of water cabbages along the near bank – with a 9ft-deep track down the middle. 

I clipped on the 14cm Loaded Natural Classic in perch colour and flicked it as tight to the far-bank boats as I could – allowing the lure to sink to the bottom of the shelf and retrieving quickly before it reached the cabbages. 

In two hours I roved up and down the bank employing this tactic, and a number of pike between 5lb and 8lb made their way into my net. 

The rod, although not tested by a true monster, was strong with a hint of softness, so none of the satisfaction of the fight was lost – a unique element considering it’s primarily intended for fish that go into double figures and above. 

When a pike did try to make an escape to some near-bank lilies, the Prism Pike Spin had more than enough guts to turn its head with no creaking of the blank whatsoever. It also cast the lures effortlessly throughout the day without showing signs of struggle.

In my opinion, the lures under review should be included in any serious pike angler’s armoury too. 


They come in three different sizes and four realistic colours, but it’s the fact that they’re fully loaded and ready to fish straight from the packet that will see them shoot off the shelves. The already fitted harness system includes two razor-sharp Armapoint trebles connected to a strong wire trace and screw-in jig head. 

When a pike grabbed hold of the lure there was no way it was getting off – every bite resulted in a firm hookhold.

The swimming action is also phenomenal. The big paddle-tail kicked out lots of vibration and the sleek body enabled the lure to wobble enticingly on a quick retrieve, something that the pike simply could not resist.

Although no huge fish were caught on the day I left with no doubt in my mind that this combination of Fox Rage products could hook and handle pike of record-breaking proportions.

Our Verdict: A perfect tackle combination for all predator anglers wanting to catch monster pike. The Prism Pike Spin is a proper big-fish cruncher and the lifelike lures are the ideal match. I just wished I could have hooked a proper pike to really put the rod through its paces!

Price: Fox Rage Prism Pike Spin rod £94.99