Cadence CR10 10ft Feeder #2 Cadence CR10 11ft Match Reviews


A couple of months ago I showcased the new Cadence range of rods and reels, with a forward view to getting out on the bank and live-testing a couple of samples. Now that time has come.

But before getting into how this new tackle firm’s kit shapes up when being waved about over  water, it’s worth mentioning that you will not see any Cadence products in your local tackle shop. They are all sold directly online.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it means that prices are kept very realistic as there’s no middleman selling the product on.

The Cadence ethos of ‘believing in the future of fishing’ should be applauded, and the company promises to donate a pole to one of its registered charities for every online purchase of £50 or more.

So far, Cadence has presented more than a thousand 3m starter poles to ‘Get Hooked On Fishing’ for the charity to give away at its national teaching events.

Cadence is fronted by former Shakespeare brand manager James Robbins, widely accepted as one of the best running water match anglers in the country. 

Given Mr Robbins’ penchant for flowing water, it’s pretty much nailed on that any of the Cadence rods he has designed for flowing water tactics will be spot-on.

Rather than have separate brands for commercial and natural fisheries, Cadence has two ranges, both labelled CR10, made up of seven Feeder rods and 13 Match Fishing (float) rods. But can that really work? Surely virtually all modern rods are targeted towards a specific angling discipline?

Well, to find out, I took the Cadence CR10 11ft Match #2 and Cadence CR10 10ft Feeder #2 along to one of my favourite live test venues, the day-ticket Stretton Lakes complex just off the A1 north of Peterborough.

The 10ft Feeder, with three lengths of quivertip rated to 2.1oz and 2.2oz, and the 11ft Match rod, will between them tackle 99 per cent of commercial fisheries. Both will cast 20g flatbed feeders up to 25m, or wagglers up to 10g.

Both rods are built from high-grade carbon cloths and dressed with Fuji Alconite lined guides, original Fuji reel seats, and full-length AAA grade cork handles with EVA thumb and casting grips.

On the bank, you immediately notice how slim and light these rods are, not to mention stunning to look at – but, as always, it’s performance that really counts.

So, on to the verdict. On the plus side, they are fabulously lightweight, and extremely easy to use and handle.

The fish-playing action of both rods is on the light side of progressive, making them ideal
for work with light lines and smaller hooks.

They transmit plenty of feel through the blank, which makes them great fun to fish with, and they will cast as far and as straight as you’ll ever need on a normal 20-peg commercial fishery pool.

Also, the finish is as good as that on many much more expensive rods – yet I am slightly hesitant.

Okay, I would happily make space for them in my own rod holdall for all my winter commercial maggot fishing, but my single criticism centres around one of the rods’ most notable plus points, the lightness and slimness of the blanks.

While this is quite exceptional, and they look a million dollars, they do feel a bit prissy and slightly wanting if you are intent on bagging up on large commercial carp.

I’m planning to keep hold of a few of the rods until winter league time, and I’ll report back to you after some further use.


EYE-CATCHING rods with a fast action and a nice crisp feel, these are better suited to mixed fishery use than out-and-out commercial slog.

However, the two models on live test would be serious contenders for my ‘best light line and small hooks winter commercial rods’ award!

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Price: Cadence 10ft CR10 Feeder Rod £89.99 - Cadence 11ft CR10 Match Rod £89.99