Middy 4G Baggin Distance Feeder



This amazing rod is capable of being fished at 8ft, 11ft 7in and 12ft 7in and built to perform on all waters from tight commercials to big rivers.

The lightweight, super-slimline blank is totally deceptive because the lads at Middy give this rod an official maximum reel line rating of 14lb!

Recommended casting weights are 1oz to 3oz and, in 12ft 7in format, it will easily propel a feeder or bomb over 70 yards.

While the lower section has a steely feel, it retains a fair amount of finesse in the tip section for those days when it’s necessary to spot and hit shy silverfish bites, rather than letting them hang themselves.

The unusual blank is made up of a short dolly butt, 1ft dolly section, middle section and quivertip carrier. Shop around for a more pocket-friendly price!