Middy Reactacore XP35-3 16m pole review

If you’re in the market for a budget-priced 16m pole but don’t need to use it at that length every trip, Middy’s latest Reactacore XP35-3 may be just the thing. 

Mark Middy XP35 Action_2.jpg

The two earlier XP-35 and XP35-2 models were very popular, but this new XP35-3 sets new standards for poles of this price. On commercial carp venues, where you need to mix and match your pole tactics with the odd excursion out to 16m, the XP35-3 will cope with anything and everything, from extracting margin munters, through to near-shelf paste tactics, shallow slapping, and fishing long against islands. 

How is this possible? Well, for starters there’s an exceptional spares package consisting of three Ultra Control top-2 kits, an Ultra Control Phantom kit, a Cupp kit, a Short No4 section, an Adaptive Q parallel short No3 and an 11.5m-13m Safe Zone butt.

The short fourth and Adaptive Q parallel sections stiffen the pole up considerably and make it ideal for tackling deeper water. The XP35-3 is more rigid, lighter and stiffer than many other mid-level poles, and as it’s rated to an 18 elastic it’s safe to use on commercial lakes for big carp, while still retaining enough finesse for silver fish and F1 work. Built using the latest ‘Quad’ carbon technology, the pole’s Safe Zone mini butts have domed ends to protect them when shipping through bushes. This feature also applies to the fourth and fifth joints, safeguarding them against chipping. 

All joints also have Middy’s latest ‘Maximus Wrap’ system which helps to keep wear and tear to a minimum, increasing the life of the pole. My work colleague Richard Grange live tested last year’s XP35-2 model and thought it a half-decent pole at a very affordable price, so I thought I’d run the rule over the latest model to see if it had undergone any significant changes. Well, other than welcome improvements to the spares package, the pole is still as strong as an ox and well up to commercial bagging sessions.

Stand-out features on the XP35-3

  • Adaptive Q mini extension extends top-2 kits to same length as the Match top-3.

  • Foam dome topped sections – protects and extends the life of the pole.

  • Maximum elastic ratings are clearly marked on all top kits to avoid confusion.

  • Numbered distance markers on all butt sections are a useful feature.

  • The pole is rated up to No 18 elastic for use with big carp on waters.

  • Reinforced side puller area on the 4th section will be handy in deeper swims.

  • The S-Slide finish makes shipping in and out an easy process in all weathers.

  • The short 4th section adds stiffness, useful when fishing deep swims.

Price: £1,099 (but shop around)