First Look at MAP C1 & C2 Poles

Match anglers looking to gain an edge down the edge need look no further than MAP’s latest TKS C1 and C2 carp poles.

Both feature the same ‘legacy fit’ top kits that are the backbone of the whole TKS concept. These will fit all TKS poles ever produced, while the remaining sections are interchangeable with several of MAP’s other popular key models.

Both the new poles make use of high performance Japanese Toray carbon, to offer perfect balance, a quick response, and uncompromising section strength. Like all power poles in the TKS line-up, the C1 and C2 are rated to a robust No20 elastic that will put the cuffs on the hardest-fighting carp. 

The C1 will appeal to owners of the MAP TKS 401/501 models, with fully interchangeable sections all round, while the longer C2 is the perfect accompaniment for anyone
who uses a either a TKS 601 or 901 pole.

As with all of MAP’s TKS 3G range, all top kits come fitted with depth markers, PTFE bushes, and a unique side puller bush, as well as printed increments for measuring up
rig depths. 

The C1 comes with two additional top kits, while the C2 has three. Section alignment markers are a useful feature, and there’s a smooth anti-friction finish for effortless shipping in and out. 

Both poles are supplied with a reinforced mini-extension and deluxe pole holdall, and are very handily covered by a 12-month guarantee.

Price: TKS C1 13m package £499 | TKS C2 14.5m package £849

C1 Package

Two pre-bushed V1 Power kits with fitted side pullers (one on pole)

Deluxe pole holdall

C2 Package

Three pre-bushed V2 Power kits with fitted side pullers (one on pole).
Deluxe pole holdall