Browning Xitan Xtreme Margin Revolution 9.5m




A lot of fishing on commercials takes place at distances less than 13m so there’s not always the need for a pole with multiple butt sections to fish at range, let along the extra cost that comes with them. If you mind that much of your fishing is done in the margins or only five or six metres out then for a pound under £300 you’ll not finds a better answer than the Xtreme Margin Revolution.

Although billed as a margin pole, the Xtreme will perform just as well when fished at its full 9.5m length into open water, the middle sections being re-inforced for added power while retaining an overall lightness to the pole. Further strength is found in the supplied Pole Protector that fits into the pole between 7m and 8.5m, two wide diameter pre-bushed Single Length Power Top Kits able to take the thickest elastics on the market.