Best mid-range fishing bite alarms

No carp or specialist angler fishing multiple rods would be without a reliable bite alarm. Likewise you can use one to fish a 'sleeper rod' to one side of you while you enjoy float fishing with a main rod for example.  Here's a pick of the best mid-range models...

Delkim is the holy grail of bite alarms and its mid-range version is packed full of buttons and features, with six choices of LED colour. Uses its piezoelectric, digital and microcontroller technology. It might sound complicated but Delkims are surprisingly simple to operate. 

NASH SIREN SR5, £49.99
Wireless alarms with very good build quality, common to all the Siren series. The SR5 is very sensitive and accurate, with extreme range remote performance. Excellent value for money. 

FOX MICRON MR+, £64.00
Top quality digital circuitry and also features Fox's unique D-Tec Sensing System and CNC Machined Tru Run roller wheel, which is found on the company's top-end N-series of alarms. With its own dedicated receiver and weatherproof sealed case. Incredible 200m signal range, not that you should ever be that far away from your rods! 

JRC RADAR CX, £45.99
Great array of features for a sub-£40 alarm, including volume, tone, sensitivity, travelling LED and digitally amplified sound. Receiver compatible with a choice of four bright LED colours. All weather proof, with double sealed electronic parts. 

A really interesting design which uses Wychwood's in-built snag ear system. The purpose designed snag ears can be extended for use then collapsed within the alarms robust and weatherproof casing. All volume, tone and sensitivity settings can be changed at the touch of a button.