Van Den Eynde super roach review

VDE Super roach.jpg

I’ve used Van Den Eynde groundbaits for as long as I’ve been fishing and thanks to the sheer size of the range on offer from the Belgian bait giants, every UK fishing base is covered from tench on estate lakes to carp on commercial fisheries.

For me though, 90% of my fishing year involves targeting roach on venues as diverse as big tidal Norfolk rivers to intricate Fenland drains and Midlands canals. The redfin is the dominant fish and they all seem have one thing in common - they love having a bit of groundbait thrown at them.

I could get technical and talk about using a groundbait mix that’s 20% of one thing, 30% of another and so on but I won’t. That’s down simply to Van Den Eynde Super Roach, a groundbait that’s incredibly versatile. In short, I only need to take this mix to tackle a wide range of fisheries.

Mixed on the dry side, Super Roach is spot on for shallower venues but overwet it and it becomes super sticky, perfect for deep fast flowing water. In either consistency, the groundbait can carry lots of particles without breaking up before you want it to and it’s also available in a natural brown or dark black colour for both summer and winter fishing.

Oh and don’t be fooled by the name – skimmers and bream don’t half love a bit of Super Roach too!

RRP: £3.99 for a kilo bag