SonuBaits Ian Russell Pop-Ups

These pop-ups have undergone two years of extensive development to source the best flavours and colours. 

Each pot contains a mix of 15mm and 12mm baits, as well as a bottle of booster liquid that allows you cover all bases.

Many modern rigs incorporate big hooks that suit the 15mm pop-ups. The 12mm baits are ideal for smaller hooks when zig fishing, for example.

The striking two-tone swirly colours are different to most other pop-ups on the market, providing carp with a visual target to home in on, and the potent flavour combinations have a proven track record for catching specimen carp. 

Flavours include Tuna & Sweetcorn, Peach & Black Pepper, Indian Spice, Raspberry Ripple, Pineapple & Cream, Chocolate Orange and Creamy Toffee.

Price: £6.49