Sensas IM7 bait range revealed!

French bait and tackle giant Sensas has launched a stunning selection of baits aimed at the commercial match angler. 

The company’s latest IM7 range comprises groundbaits and pastes, feed and hooker pellets, mini boilies, and Bombix bait dips and sprays.

These new baits and additives, which were more than two years in development, combine strong aromas with proven fish-catching flavours and solid, vibrant colours. 

The new IM7 groundbaits will all double-up for use as pastes (ideal wrapping boilies), while the equivalent IM7 pellets in three sizes – micro (2mm), 4mm, and 6mm – all have accurately calculated breakdown times so you know exactly when to recast.

IM7 Commercial pellets.jpg

IM7 Extruded Pellets/Expander Pellets 

These IM7 feed pellets come in micro, 4mm and 6mm sizes and in seven different flavours – Amino Red, Yellow Vit, Red Strawberry, Green Garlic, Betaine, Natural and Fishmeal. 

The sinking pellets, of a uniform size and shape, are perfect for feeding via a catapult or hooking with a band. The Black Squid micro pellet is sure to become a firm favourite for winter/clear water Method feeder tactics.  

 Price: £4.49

bombix IM7 color liquid

ADD a splash of colour to your pellets with Bombix colour liquid in green, yellow, red or black.

Once your hookbait has reached the bottom it will then emit a small halo of colour that carp are said to find irresistible.

Price: £3.49

IM7 soft pellets

These well-rolled and super-attractive mini boilie baits won’t split or crumble when used with hair rig attachments. They are available in the same colours and flavours as the other Sensas IM7 baits and feeds. 

Price: £3.99

Sensas IM7 carp groundbaits and pastes.jpg

IM7 groundbaits

The latest IM7 groundbaits come in five flavours – Yellow Vit’Min, Black Squid, Amino Red, Green Garlic/Betaine and Natural Fishmeal. 

A natural base mix means they can be customised to your own requirements with the use of additives. Powerful attractants will draw fish into your swim.

Price: £4.49

IM7 soft hook pellets 

THESE soft hook pellets are ready to use straight from the tub, and are available in 4mm and 6mm sizes and four flavours. 

For use as hookbaits, they come already coloured and aroma-boosted. 

Attractants are impregnated through the pellets for increased leakage and effectiveness… and because they have a fairly robust consistency, they stay well on the hook.

Price: £2.99

Sensas IM7 Commercial liquids.jpg

IM7 commercial liquid

These new IM7 liquid bait boosters are ideal for flavouring pastes, meat, corn, feed pellets, and hookbait expander pellets. Even if your pellets are pre-flavoured, a quick squirt with Booster will provide an added edge. 

They come in the same new IM7 flavours and colours as the rest of the range.

Price: £3.99