All you need to know about mainline match baits

For many carp anglers, the only way is Essex – or, more accurately, Mainline Baits, a company based there and famed for its cult status boilies including Cell, Essential Cell, Activ-8 and Grange.

These, alongside a plethora of pellets, pastes, base mixes, liquids, dips, glugs and additives – not to mention matching wafters, dumbells and pop-ups – make Mainline a one-stop shop for discerning bivvy-dwellers.

Now, not content with dominating the big-carp bait scene, Mainline has joined forces with its neighbour Guru, just up the road, to release Match baits aimed at commercial anglers. 

The full range, which I am reliably told is just the first wave of what will be a tsunami of new products, includes three groundbaits, two types of feed pellets, syrup liquids, and 8mm boilie, wafter and dumbell wafter hookbaits.

Activated coarse pellets

These pellets transmit a stream of attractive food signals through the water layers, whipping the fish into a feeding frenzy. Activated Coarse Pellets are best soaked and softened and used in conjunction with Hybrid and Method feeders. They can also be enhanced with Mainline Sticky Syrups. In 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes.

Price: £3.50

Cell activated pellets

Mainline Cell can present a strong case for being one of the finest carp attractors and feed stimulants of all time – its record speaks for itself. As a result, Mainline’s Activated Pellets in combination with Cell should be a sure-fire winner for carp, bream and tench.

In re-sealable 1kg bags, the pellets are available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm sizes.

Price: £3.99

8mm match boilies

Using the proven flavours and additives for which the Mainline brand is famous, 8mm Match Boilies are rolled from a high-leakage base mix packed full of attraction. 

Ideal for hair-rigging situations, these relatively small boilies are available in four stand-out colours and flavours – Orange (Chocolate), White (Cell), Pink (Tuna) and Yellow (Pineapple) – and come in handy resealable tubs.

Price: £3.99

8mm match wafters

These easy-to-use Mainkine Dumbell Wafters offer an alternative shape to their round counterparts, and not only present something rather different to fish that have seen it all, but are equally as easy to hair-rig. 

Their ideal partner is a size 12 Guru QM1 hook, and they come in the same four colours and flavours as the Match Boilies – Orange (Chocolate), White (Cell), Pink (Tuna) and Yellow (Pineapple). 

Price: £3.99

8mm rounded match wafters

These 8mm rounded Mainline Wafters are critically balanced when used in conjunction with a size 12 Guru QM1 hook. 

This deadly combination allows your hook to find its natural position, and because its weight is counterbalanced you can expect many more hook-ups. Ideal for use with Hybrid and Method feeders, they are available in the same flavours and colours as the others in the Match Boilie range.

Price: £5.99

sticky syrups

These thick, viscous, PVA-friendly liquids are extremely active when added your baits, and once in water they disperse instantly along the bottom and as well as sending a
hi-attract cloud up to the surface.

Price: £4.99 

Match Margin Mix (Coarse)

Full of particles and complemented by super-rich fishmeals and ground pellets, Match Margin Mix holds fish on the bottom for longer. To that end it is heavy and full of feed.

Price: £4.50

Method Mix

This super-fine mix breaks down perfectly every cast and incorporates hand-picked fishmeal and ground pellets for added attraction.

Price: £4.50

Match Pole Mix

The main ingredient is finely-milled expander pellets, which offer the perfect base for holding fish but don’t overfeed them.

Price: £3.99