Adrenaline Nano Pellet Boost review

Angling Times takes a first look at new kid on the block Adrenaline Baits as unveils its super-potent range of additives.

Adrenaline Baits, which are distributed by the Middy Group, is about to introduce three very distinctive and highly potent bait additives – Plasma, Method Crystals and Nano Pellet Boost. 

These can be used in conjunction with baits including pellets, meat, corn and all popular groundbaits. 

Field trials have found the additives particularly effective when used in conjunction with Method tactics, so they are sure to be sought out by commercial match anglers looking for an edge.

To bank-test these baits I took them all along with me on a recent live tackle test. 

In short, I was hugely impressed by all three products, but especially the four super-potent powdered White Cloud, Green Cloud, Red Cloud and Yellow Cloud Nano Pellet Boosts. 

These are so strong that they can change the colour of standard coarse fish feed pellets and lighter coloured expander hookbaits, providing the angler with a host of pellet alternatives on hard-fished match venues. 


‘Use sparingly’ it says on the packaging and, sure enough, a little goes a long way with all these Adrenaline Baits products. 

Nano Boost pellet powder is unlike anything else on the market, such is its strength and vibrancy of colour.

Method Crystals leak off quickly, and are again extremely potent, so you don’t need loads when loading a Method feeder. 

Finally, the viscous Plasma Liquids include a useful and unique Black Worm colour and flavour, likely to be of interest to anyone using chopped worm as feed or hookbait in clear water. As additives that offer both flavour and colour, they’re impressive!


Add just a few of these crystals into your feeder mould to give off a highly visible fish-attracting coloured fog over the lakebed. Secret trials revealed that Adrenaline Method Crystals will increase fish activity in your swim, giving you that all-important edge. 

Available in Green Fog, Yellow Fog, Black Fog and Red Fog, the crystals can be used in tandem with Adrenaline Plasma for double the attraction.

Price: £3.99


Add Adrenaline Plasma to Method feeder set-ups, or neat to pellets, corn and meat, to create an irresistible trail of smell and colour. It’s thick and super-concentrated, with an incredibly potent aroma. Use it with Adrenaline Method Crystals to create a highly visible coloured fog around your feeder and draw fish to your bait.

Available in five versions – Black Worm, Red Worm, Yellow Corn, Pink Meat and Natural Pellet.

Price: £4.99  


Add just a tiny pinch of this unique powdered attractant to dampened feeder pellets, meat or corn and the colour will be transformed. A s the bait falls through the water it will now give off an irresistible cloud - It's like having gold dust in a 30ml tub! Available in bright fluorescent Green, Yellow and red plus an outstanding white cloud that's ideal for the use with expander pellet hookbaits. 


Price: £4.99