E-S-P Pop-ups

Specialist big-fish brand E-S-P, that has just welcomed carp deity Terry Hearn back into the fold as its senior consultant, has launched its first range of hookbaits and is well placed for even more bait product launches in the future.

But for now, the new 12mm and 15mm Pop-Ups have an excellent fastness of fluoro colour. A special egg albumen-based mix contains a high percentage of micro-spheres that gives the baits outstanding buoyancy and stops them absorbing water and swelling, even when pierced – so they can be cast out and left for a long while without a care.

Price: 12mm (around 50 baits per pot) £4.45; 15mm (around 40 baits per pot) £4.95

The range:

Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid – White
A combination of two of the best carp attractors, the recipe contains black pepper essential oil, a proven squid flavour, plus a generous amount of rock salt – a mineral that carp can’t get enough of. The overriding aroma is of Black Pepper with fishy tones. This is said to be a year-round bait that works well over silty bottoms.

Tutti Twist – Orange
This super-bright bait incorporates one of the most successful zesty fruit flavours ever, mixed with amyl acetate, a flavour component used in pear drop sweets. The combination produces a zingy, punchy, citrus fruit flavour that should prove a winner.

Salmon Smokie – Pink
Fluoro Pink is ‘the’ colour of the moment, and productive even as a single hookbait. The flavoursome recipe is a mixture of smoked salmon with caviar attractors, blended together to make to this classic fishy smelling bait with an unmistakable rich, smoked salmon aroma.

Eucalyptus Cream – Yellow
At last a fluoro yellow bait that isn’t pineapple-flavoured, its evocative smell is said to work all year round. Made from a blend of that retro flavour, eucalyptus oil, mixed with a rich, super sweet and very creamy attractor, the end result is an unmistakeably different bait flavour.

Thai Curry – Green
Perhaps the ‘oddball’ of the range, but one that could prove to be a bit a dark horse, this blend of lemongrass and ginger essential oils, with a rich coconut flavour, gives off an unmistakable Thai curry aroma. The vibrant green colour is also a bit different and will get bites when more conventional colours fail.