Dynamite Baits Robin Red Pellets

Dynamite Baits has released their unique Haith’s (the original producers of Robin Red powder) pellets in smaller 4mm and 6mm feed sizes. The spicy flavoured brick red coloured baits which have been enjoying a renaissance period as match and pleasure anglers fishing many of the large open water complexes such as Boddington, Larford, and Meadowlands have found that the big carp which inhabit these waters- have a real hunger for the 12mm and 15mm sizes as hook-baits. This Taste-bud theory must also apply to big barbel though, as I am reliably informed that the pre-drilled easy to hair-rig pellets are also scoring heavily on the rivers. Long may it continue, and with matching feed a pellet now available- who knows what will happen next. Just check the rules on your local commercial fishery though before feeding them, as most now insist on fishery only pellets. 

Price. £4.75 for 900g

Available sizes. 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,12mm, 15mm and 20mm ( 8mm upwards all pre-drilled)